DeSoto City Council Meeting
Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The City Council of the City of DeSoto held a City Council Meeting Tuesday, November 6, 2012, in the Jim Baugh Government Center (City Hall), 211 E. Pleasant Run Road, DeSoto, Texas




Members Present:
Councilmember Ledbetter
Mayor Pro Tem Valentine
Councilmember Lockhart
Mayor Sherman
Councilmember Respess
Councilmember McCowan
Councilmember Zander


Mayor Sherman called the meeting to order at 6:03pm.



Review of Master Agenda by City Manager.


Tarron Richardson discussed the new security plan with regards to the Administration Department and stated that a policy will be given to the City Council regarding the new security measures.  He also informed the City Council of the meetings held with the various wrecker vendors and asked the Council, in the future, to refrain from speaking directly with any vendor prior to discussion with the City Manager or appropriate City Staff in order to clarify any questions they may have or provide them with additional information. 

Dr. Richardson reviewed the upcoming items on the Master Agenda.

Councilmember Deshaundra Lockhart Jones requested that the Apartment Maintenance program discussion be held earlier than June, 2013; however, Tom Johnson, Development Services Managing Director, indicated that this request could not be honored as the information necessary to proceed with the report would not be available.

Councilmember Patricia Ledbetter asked if the Natural Resource Drilling Program discussion, which is slated for September 2013, be discussed at the Mid-Winter Retreat; however, information would not be available for discussion during this time but can be placed earlier on the Master Agenda.

There was Council discussion as to the dates of the Mid-Winter Retreat which is tentatively scheduled for February 2013.  Dr. Richardson indicated that he would converse with the Interim City Secretary in order to coordinate a date in January, 2013, if possible.

Council and staff had discussion regarding the specifics of the bidding process; however, Joe Gorfida, City Attorney, interjected to indicate that since this item was not on the agenda for discussion, it was inappropriate to discuss at this time.  Mayor Carl Sherman tabled the discussion and the Council and City Manager agreed to have individual discussions pertaining to this topic at a later date.



Discussion of Regular Agenda items.



Discussion and update regarding the appointments to the DeSoto Economic Development (DEDC) Board.


Mayor Sherman indicated that during the Boards and Commissions interviews; specifically, the DeSoto Economic Development Corporation Board, that there was a concern regarding a conflict of interest of one of the applicants and asked Joe Gorfida, City Attorney, to speak on the topic.

Mr. Gorfida discussed Code of Conduct and the issues surrounding the application and eligibility of Belinda May to serve on the DEDC Board.  Based upon discussions and clarification, between the City Council and the City Attorney, it was determined that Ms. May was eligible for appointment to the DEDC Board.  It was the Council's desire to appoint Ms. May to fill and serve the unexpired term of Councilmember Curtistene McCowan and then to begin her term in January, 2013.  Ms. May is not subject to another interview in January, 2013.



Discuss Corner Theatre Restroom Improvements.


Renee Johnson, Managing Director of Parks and Leisure Services, introduced Doug Hawkins and Gary DeVries who gave a brief overview and Feasibility Study as it pertains to the Corner Theatre Restroom Improvement.




Members Present:
Councilmember Ledbetter
Mayor Pro Tem Valentine
Councilmember Lockhart
Mayor Sherman
Councilmember Respess
Councilmember McCowan
Councilmember Zander


Mayor Sherman called the meeting to order.



Invocation by: Derrick Hassell, Cathedral of Christ Holy Temple.



Pledge of Allegiance led by Mayor Pro Tem Denise Valentine.



Ambassador: Kari Christensen, Utility Billing.


Kari is a 14 year full-time employee of the City of DeSoto Utility Billing Department and has been in her current position of Utility Billing Analyst since 2004. Prior to employment with the City of DeSoto, Kari worked in restaurant management for Pizza Inn and Golden Corral Steakhouse. Kari has lived in DeSoto since 1973 and loves to serve the citizens of her community. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her 23 nieces and nephews. Kari is currently serving a second term on the Board of Stewards at New Hope Fellowship Church in Red Oak.






Presentation of Certificates to Civic Academy Graduates.


Ms. Morris read the agenda item and introduced Mayor Sherman and Tracie Hlavinka, Assistant to the City Manager, who presented the following individuals with Certificates of Graduation from the DeSoto Civic Academy:

Carol A. Anderson, Shannon M. Anderson, Jeanette Burks, Catherine F. Butler, Ginny Caylor, Natalie Clemmons, Clara R. Crear, Robin Fahmi, Etherine Gaddis, Angela Gosa, Yannig Guiomard, Renay Hardy, Joan Herron, Corshonedia Hodge, Lambert Lewis, Susan Patterson, Tonja Ricketts, Michelle Sherman, Veronica Sherman, and Janice Walker.





Ms. Morris presented the Consent Agenda items for consideration.


Councilmember Curtistene McCowan requested the City Council Meeting Minutes of October 16, 2012 be removed due to a needed correction.  Mayor Carl Sherman acknowledged and approved her request.

Motion by Councilmember McCowan with second by Councilmember Respess to approve the submission of the items on the Consent Agenda with the exclusion of the City Council Meeting Minutes dated October 16, 2012, as there is a correction requested. Motion approved.

Motion by Councilmember McCowan with second by Councilmember Respess to approve the City Council Meeting minutes dated October 16, 2012, with the correction to state that Councilmember Curtistene McCowan recused herself during the discussion and vote of the Concerned DeSoto Citizens grant. Motion approved.



Approval of City Council Minutes

a. Regular Meeting - 10-16-12
b. Special Meeting - N/A



Acceptance of Board and Commission Minutes

a. Arts Commission - N/A
b. Building and Standards Commission - N/A
c. Civil Service Commission - 10-15-12
d. DeSoto Economic Development - N/A
e. DeSoto, Texas Historical Foundation - N/A
f. Keep DeSoto Beautiful - N/A
g. Library Advisory Board - N/A
h. Park Development Corporation - N/A
i. Planning and Zoning - N/A
j. Zoning Board of Adjustment - N/A





No Public Hearings scheduled for this agenda.






Consider authorizing the Mayor to execute a Professional Services Contract with Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, in the amount of $69,000 for the Corner Theatre Restroom and Recreation Center Renovation Project.


Ms. Morris read the agenda item and introduced Renee Johnson, Parks and Leisure Services Managing Director, who presented the staff report.


Council discussion regarding the Fall of 2013 timeline, amount budgeted, adding to the scope of work lighting inside the theatre along the aisles and exit strategy.


Mr. John Vincent Sudds completed a "blue card" wishing to speak on the agenda item as F.1.; however, when his comment was presented, it contained a subject matter unrelated to the agenda item. Therefore, his comments will be placed more appropriately under Citizens Appearances.

Motion by Councilmember Ledbetter with second by Councilmember Lockhart to authorize the Mayor to execute the agreement with Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, in the amount of $69,000, for the design, development, and construction supervision of the Corner Theatre Restroom and Recreation Center Renovation Project. Motion approved.








John Vincent Sudds - 941 Prairie Creek, DeSoto, Texas.  Mr. Sudds requested a book drop off near the front of the library and suggested the architect firm that was mentioned in the Corner Theatre Restroom and Recreation Renovation Project.





Councilmember James Zander discussed the DeSoto Chamber Gala on November 10, 2012.  Councilmember Curtistene McCowan discussed the DeSoto ISD Veterans Recognition Program, November 9, 2012.  Councilmember Sandy Respess discussed the "Reading" of Sacred Thoughts by Erica Kennard scheduled for November 17, 2012.  Councilmember Deshaunrda Lockhart Jones discussed the Tree Lighting Ceremony on December 7, 2012.  Mayor Pro Tem Denise Valentine discussed the musical titled, "Crowns" showing at the Corner Theatre until November 18, 2012.  Councilmember Patricia Ledbetter discussed Harvest Craft Fair and Market on November 10, 2012.  Mayor Carl Sherman discussed the City of DeSoto's Veterans Appreciation Day Event scheduled for November 10, 2012 as well as the DeSoto Eagles football team is #1 in State and the Nation.   Mayor Sherman also thanked everyone for voting noting that we had 21,228 individuals who voted early at our DeSoto Library.





Mayor Sherman adjourned the meeting at 7:53pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kisha R. Morris, City Secretary



Carl O. Sherman, Mayor